Terms of sale.

All animals are guaranteed to be healthy.
An animal only will be sold if it has eaten for at least three times. Every animal that will be sold sheds without any problems. 
All animals are sexed by us. This will be shown to the new owner. The new owner may also check the gender him/herself.
When a mistake is made about the gender, contact us within one week and we search for a solution.
Every animal comes with a certificate of origin.
We won´t take back a purchased animal in order to protect our collection.


All animals in the available section of this website can be reserved by email or telephone.
At the moment of reservation we will arrange a place and a date.
We ask a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total amount with a minimum of € 50,-. The other 75% can be paid when collected.
The deposit has to be in our account within 5 working days from reservation date. If not, we will cancel the reservation. 
We accept money transfer by bank or Paypal. When we receive the deposit, we will send a confirmation and we will put the animal on hold.
When the animal hasn´t be picked up at the arranged date and place, we will cancel the reservation and we will not refund the deposit.
We always keep the right to cancel a reservation. If the reservation is cancelled by us, we will refund the deposit.


Payment Plan:

We offer the possibility of a payment plan. However there are terms  to be met.

- At first the timespan of the payment plan as well as the payment periods and the collection/shipping date will be agreed between the buyer and HR Reptiles.

- Just like any other reservation a deposit has to be made in advance. This deposit amounts 25% of the total price of the animal(s) + possibly shipping costs. Both deposit and shipping costs are non-refundable.

- Before or on the last payment date the whole amount of the animal(s) + shipping costs has to be paid. If not, the plan is automatically cancelled and we will refund the already payed amount without deposit and shipping costs. Extension of the payment plan is not possible.

- In case the buyer cancels during the payment plan, we will refund the already payed amount without deposit and shipping costs.

- Shipping or collecting the reserved animal is only possible when the amount is totally paid.

- If we cancel the reservation for some reason (e.g. health problems of the animal) the buyer has the right to get back the payed amount including deposit and possibly made shipping costs.







Courier service:

When delivery takes place via a courier service which is arranged by the buyer, we can and willnot provide any  guarantees and we are not
responsible in any way for failures, death, ilness, parasites and/or
confiscations during transport.

In case of death:
If the purchased animal dies and you can prove that the animal was not healthy when collected, we will search a solution for it.
You also need to prove that the animal was purchased from HR Reptiles by sending a picture of the dead animal and a copy of the certificate of origin.